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Design is not a Pop-Tart

One of these things is not like the other.

Let me explain.

A delectable Pop-Tart, preferably strawberry with sprinkles, takes 1-3 minutes to toast before you can enjoy the savory warm gooeyness as a breakfast treat (shhhh, I won’t tell if you won’t). All in all, from the time it took you to open the package to taking the first bite, it probably took less than 5 minutes.

Design is not a Pop-Tart.

Design is more like a macaron. It takes skill, knowledge, a delicate touch, and just the right amount of flair to make these treats. Patience and practice a French macaron make. A 5 minute rush job does not. So why does (good) design take longer than 5 minutes? It all starts with strategy.

Strategy is a roadmap that helps a designer and client figure out a few very important things:

  1. What is the current branding?
  2. What are the company’s mission and values?
  3. Who is the business trying to appeal to?
  4. What makes the business unique? This can be the actual product or service, or the story of how the business came about.
  5. What is the end goal? More clients? More sales? More visibility? All of the above!

Without these things, design becomes more of a guessing game based on personal preference rather than objective data. Yes, design is a mixture of science and art, just like making fancy French desserts. Art + Chemistry = Delicious Food. There should be measurable results that can be used to further refine the marketing materials and objectives down the road.

Sometimes a Pop-Tart is just what you need, and that’s ok. But don’t expect macaron results from a 3 minute toast job.

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