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Bringing the design magic

  • 01
    Meet with the client to learn about the business, the competition, and what they envision.
  • 02
    It's concept time! All the information is gathered and graphically sketched out in various concepts.
  • 03
    Present the concepts to the client, and discuss the meaning and logic behind each design.
  • 04
    Take the feedback from the client and make any necessary revisions.
  • 05
    The final concept is polished and given to the client in various web and print ready formats.

Working with clients from a variety of industries, such as marketing companies, a high-end jewelry store, a global dye and textile company, and a national chain of malls, Charm Creative has established a solid reputation for creative work, a friendly atmosphere, a deep desire to really listen to what the client needs and to transform that information into visually and emotionally appealing graphics.

Open communication and honest feedback are the cornerstone  to any successful design partnership. Without those two key elements a project cannot thrive and reach the desired outcome. Frequent communication and project updates  with a client fosters this trust, and any concerns the client may have are immediately addressed. Expectations should be clearly and honestly communicated from both sides. Neither side should feel apprehensive about asking for clarification if something is not understood. You know the heart and soul of your company. Charm Creative is here to help get the message out in an eye-catching and creative manner, to communicate the message to the community about your company.         

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